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Freaky rainbow assorted ghosts took your dad!! You trained and became a Knight after just two months to get him back fast. Your weeks of searching and interrogating the criminal underworld have led you to a dark, wartorn castle from ages past. Time to lay siege to it! Armed with a mystical blade that’s powered by the strange, confusing language of the universe (which normal people call “math,”) you’ve trained to be quick on your feet and faster on your calculations. It’s the only way to show those ghosts who’s boss. Which is you. You’re the boss. So make sure they get the memo!

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Hey, nobody’s perfect. You can do it! So you’re dead now, so whaaat? Those ghosts are dead and they’re still hanging around. That’s gotta be breaking some rules or something. Just get your dead self back up and live again! You can even start from the beginning like dying never even happened. You can totally succeed. We believe in you!

Oh, wow! Nice job, Knight! You beat the ever-unliving ectoplasm out of those jerk ghosts. And saved your dad. Hey there he is! Geez, he’s so proud, he’s hugging you and crying. Those are real dad tears! You’re crying too, and that’s okay also. You take your dad home and rest. You finally get a good night’s sleep knowing your dad’s safe and sound.

It’s been a real ride, but it’s not over yet. There are parents being abducted all over your nation. By other ghosts, too! Break into more castles and save other people’s moms and dads!